Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Golden Globe Speech and Prayer for Laughter

You know when you're about to fall asleep, you're supposed to think good thoughts? So lately for me, I've been falling asleep thinking about my Golden Globe speech. You know, for the Golden Globe Award I will win in the future, for my TV show that I will star in, in the future. My TV show is going to be so funny. Really good Lucille Ball funny.

As I fall asleep, I picture myself, on stage, holding that award, in my fuchsia gown- or maybe red, we'll have to decide closer to the date. I appropriately thank the Hollywood Foreign Press, and acknowledge my fellow nominees, and thank everyone who got me to where I am today. (The future today). Then I say how grateful I am to make people laugh for a living. And then in closing I offer a prayer. I pray that every day, each person gets to laugh, really laugh. Joyful, happy, wonderful laughter. 

But because this is a mind movie, I can't stop there. I mean: what a great speech. End on a prayer for the whole world to laugh. Perfect. But in your mind, you might come up against some things that need ironing out. I want the prayer to be specific. I pray that the world laughs in the best way possible. 

So then I ask the entertainment world to make sure, in our blessed jobs to make funny, that we create comedy that is not demeaning to women. I ask if we could all look at our TV shows and make sure we are creating good comedy, feminist comedy. Not sexist. Not disempowering. Not objectifying. And I see some of the creators of animated shows meant for adults but are watched on Netflix by our 12 year sons squirm. And I get hearty round of applause from the industry people who know the type of comedy we send out into the world makes a difference. In how we treat each other, in how we treat women, in how we teach our children. And I return to my seat, beside my Mom, or my really handsome still imaginary next husband. We'll have to decide closer to the date.

Gosh, you'd think I was a single mom actress raising a couple of kids watching too much Netflix or something. Here's to falling asleep to good thoughts. And here's to everyone on this planet really having minimum one good, Lucille Ball type laughter every day of their life.

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